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We can provide the best gold and silver services for you!

PESB collects raw minerals containing gold sand from the mining site and small miners. The collected substances will then undergo many processes to get a pure gold before being distributed to market.

PESB has the best refining machine to extract the pure gold from the mixture in order to get the best value of the gold. PESB’s gold product is 100% guaranteed pure gold.

AlaDeen Gold application is developed using the latest technology that delivers the best user experience. Using our technology, users can easily buy and sell gold in just a few clicks. Using their mobile phone, all purchases will be handled by our intelligent and secure backend system.

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We can provide the best gold and silver services for you!

Concern about the purity of the gold? The process of gold assaying is a way to ensure that gold coins or gold bullion bars produced by a gold mint meet the correct purity standards and content. Gold assaying is essential in determining the amount of gold in a mineral deposit.

PESB has the best machine to assay your gold. Using our latest and portable machine, we can identify the purity of your gold bar and bullion just in 10 minutes.


We can provide the best gold and silver services for you!

In PESB, we have our own vault to safe keep our product. Our customers can opt to keep their gold with our vault without any worries about missing the gold. Our vault is really secured and trusted. Our subscribers through AlaDeen Gold Wallet need not be hassle where to place their gold. PESB will provide a really secured and safe vault for our subscribers to place their gold


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