Our Gold & Silver Products - AlaDeen Gold have been nominated for the Malaysia Commercialization Year 2021 Awards by the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) and Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) for the Best Products Innovation

Our Company

Paxos Ebreiz Skylight Berhad (PESB) was founded and run by highly experienced individuals. Founded in 2020, PESB aims to transform the modern economic system into the Islamic Economic system based on fairness, sustainability, and free of interest (Riba). PESB is a leading technology-based organization providing Islamic hybrid finance led by a visionary team. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, PESB has plans for expansion into Singapore, Indonesia, and the Middle East.



Gold is a precious metal that’s been valued for thousands of years. It is used as currency, technology, jewelry, and more. In 2020 the gold market cap reached $9 trillion. A gold refinery takes the raw material (rock, gold nuggets, scrap gold, etc.) and re-liquefies it in a hot furnace, then adds various chemicals to separate the gold from the other metals.
Paxos Ebriez Skylight Berhad (‘’PESB’’) takes this opportunity to be involved in the gold market by providing an easy and secure platform to own gold for consumers and enterprises. As an active player in this industry, PESB put our utter commitment in defining refinery industries.



We empower and assist the community in achieving their financial goals in accordance with Islamic principles.


We are equitable and honest in our dealings to observe industry best standards towards stakeholders.


We strive for excellence in financial services according to the Quran and Sunnah of Prophet S.A.W.


We invent and create new ways to improve our products and services that meet the expectation of our clients.


We attract, groom, and nurture talent, which helps us serve our community and deliver quality products.


We are committed unequivocally to the Islamic principles and values at all time in our business.

AlaDeen Gold mobile application is developed using the latest technology that delivers the best user experience. Using our technology, users can easily buy and sell gold in just a few clicks. Using their mobile phone, all purchases will be handled by our intelligent and secure backend system.



Total AlaDeen Subscribers

114,000 ++ Gram

Total Gold Subscribers

112,000 ++ Gram

Total Gold Subscribers

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